POD Pioneer

The POD Pioneer is the early adopter in any city or town of the world - this person, family or enterprise is a co-developer of the POD solution "greener than a greenhouse" with a Vertical Farming design.

Once we have planted a "seed POD" in every locality we then nurture a cluster of POD enterprise by creating a startup POD Works in that area. These are hubs for all kinds of support, services and the material and systems for the construction of the POD. The POD Works are a channel for collective acton and often they may be cooperatives. Together, they are affiliated to create a global level COOP that we are calling POD WORKS GLOBAL. (This is the experimental roll out of the Sola Roof Coop) We also refer to this cooperative community as PODnet?

The POD Pioneer is most important to our success and the global PODnet? community has the goal of financial support and mentoring of the POD Pioneer startups and we are building a network of Co Missioners who are participating at all levels from local to global. As a community we facilitate Crowd Funding? for each POD Pioneer and very importantly, we share our best practices of production and technology to maximize yields, income and profits.