POD Owners

The purpose of membership in the COOP is to enable people everywhere, including families and micro-enterprise to build the POD. In cooperation, we can all combine our knowledge, experience and purchasing power to simplify and lower the cost of building a POD. The POD is designed for the Do-It-Youself or the Do-It-Ourselves (together in teams) approach to self-reliant living. To enable everyone to access this knowledge and to benefit from POD ownership, we will use the combined buying volume of all our members (and COOP Chapters) to contract for mass production and the Pre Fabrication? of most of the Key Components? of the POD. Together these components make up the POD Kit and the COOP Members have the opportunity due to their membership to purchase the components and materials through the arrangements of the Sola Roof Coop at the best possible price and quality.

The POD Owners are COOP Members who has purchased a POD Kit - the member will then have the support of the Sola Roof Coop and the COOP Chapters to build and operate the POD and to grow healthy, nutritious food; produce pure water and clean energy at home.