The POD is the core product and purpose of the Sola Roof Coop.

This product is enabled by our Open Source sharing of knowhow and good practice and is within reach of every family and community as a solution for regenerative, local food/water/energy needs being met day by day out of the abundance of Creation and as a result of understanding, respecting and working/living in harmony with Nature.

To greatly enable access to the POD and encourage the DIY Food capacity everywhere we establish the Sola Roof Coop for the POD Owners, who as COOP Members will have the opportunity to purchase the POD Kit for self build projects, or DIY. The smaller scale Life POD is an important development activity for the DIY Food Campaign. The larger Agri POD will be developed for community scale enterprise, which will be facilitated by forming COOP Chapters that encourage localization, which is an important aspect of the SE Net and the emerging POD Works activities in local communities.

The POD is also an effective tool for fighting poverty and hunger around the world and the Sola Roof Coop will allocate 10% of revenues to our collective efforts to Pay It Forward - as we share our blessings and pitch in to help others to new knowledge and capacity to thrive! To move from disaster to build resilient communities and to participate in the healing of the planet as we care for each other and the Earth, our home.