P 4 L Manifesto

P 4 L means: POD Private Public Partnership for Livingry (or, Partners for Livingry")

This manifesto presents the reasons to accelerate action on the P 4 L:

Soumya Dutta , Convenor - Climate & Energy Group, Beyond Copenhagen collective says:

“It's sometimes difficult to speak the hard truth, particularly when it hurts a lot of your 'friends', but this is it.  And it's always a few who will hit at the hypocritical adoption - and those few will have to be ready to be attacked.
Also, those resisting this green economy invasion should also be careful about terminologies,  Nature turned into 'Natural capital', life-giving ecosystems turned into 'ecosystem services' -- are part of the green economy game.”

Yes, the youth and we, who have not a blind eye, look and see what is hypocritical - the difference between what we say and what we do:

When we are honest and look deeper, we see the hidden, flawed thinking that is undoing the actions of a vast number of well intended people and programs and we can then understand why there is a lack of change and why no real difference is made by all these huge programs and great numbers of earnest people. When we miss the fact that our actions are aligned with a hidden agenda that has been deeply ingrained in our life and that continues to be present in even the most forward thinking, and if it is seen and not rooted out, then we individually and in our collective action will continue to be dysfunctional.

This hidden agenda is the protection of the extractive, exploitive, destructive, impoverishing, degrading, dehumanizing, denaturing processes - the war and violence against life that is protected by law, the economic system, the education and by the social order in which we live. This agenda is set by an elite few out of all of humanity that have long been “lording over” the people; who are intoxicated with power and control over others, which is a willful act and is at the root of “evil” that long before history was let loose in the world. This intoxication with “power-over” is now reaching a "dead end" crisis of depletion and dire scarcity - where the end game is a "die-off" of people together with with a possible extinction event for life on our one home, mother earth.

The only way out of this scenario is to go deep to root out the causation, which is the general acceptance of willful destruction and violence as the only winning strategy for living. This blessing of the evil of violence is inculcated by our so called eduction, which is actually programming our thinking and conditioning our emotions through ongoing trauma. Impoverishment is a cruel strategy for propagating a large population that is enslaved, and systematic poverty for the masses has persisted since our distant history, when we were banished from the forestlands and forced to occupy the no-man’s land surrounding the castle of the patriarchal ruler and his tribe; and conscripted to grow the grain for the treasury and die for the flag. Enslavement has reached a degree where our hearts do not sense its presence and our eyes fail to see the chains and we remain locked into a helpless state of hopelessness by our apathetic responses to the ever greater invasions that in our modern era intends to lock everyone into a globalized consumer economy. Separated from our natural wealth and connection with nature, we live in a world where the 1% has expropriated not only our land and sense of place, but also our homes, families, communities are being destroyed, isolating each person as a wholly dependent consumer. This process escalates constantly with the pressure of "price rigging", theft of the public good and wealth through corruption and by flooding the “market place” with faulty goods and products (including factory food) that are designed to fail and to kill and are intended to slowly degrade our health and the wellbeing of the whole of life.

Then we are offered jobs to cope with the mess, the constant crisis, the illness - not with the intent to fix these problems or to heal these wounds but to ameliorate, to dumb-down, distract (entertain) and confuse; to drug and dehumanize us and require of us the sacrifice of young lives in conflict; to pacify or imprison; to preoccupy us with illness and emergency care and with providing palliative services for old and now, increasingly, for the young. Continuing transfer, by the "state", of the wealth of the people to the producers of technologies for this war on life, funds a constant escalation in the application of toxic, synthetic and the unnatural (GMO), man-made and entropic technologies in a systematic process that is intended to defeat the resurgent energies of LIFE and the inner vital energy and FREE spirit of the natural, healthy human being.

Especially this enslavement system must hold us back from knowing the truth about abundant, natural living which is accessible to everyone (even in our billions of population), giving people everywhere the greatest capacity to thrive through power with, not power-over nature. Our experience of a failing and diseased world is intended to confirm the false teaching that Creation is not infinitely intelligent, beautiful and sacred, thereby to silence the voice of our inner intelligence, which is coherent with and informed by our heart connection with all of life.

The evil of the temptation of power-over others, is a willful act of doing harm; of killing and destroying; and must be repudiated now along with all the machinations and processes, the ways of thinking and conditioning - this requires an overhaul of eduction and a "reformation" of the inner human condition and the outward social order. But even more challenging is the very first step on this path path to freedom, because this requires the breaking of the chains of the people's impoverishment by which we are controlled and manipulated. The first breakthrough is to gain our freedom, capacity and knowledge to enable whole systems, called “closed ecological life support systems” to secure the health and wellbeing of people everywhere, with the regenerative (free), continuous (safe and reliable) provision of abundant food/water/energy - with the purpose to make this system accessible to every family/community in the world.

This breakthrough first-step is within reach because, fortunately, we have a global knowledge base and capacity to share invention, to co-create and propagate the required knowhow, with viral sharing that can build exponentially for the success of all. The Sola Roof solutions enable Closed Ecological Life Support Systems, which have become know through the advanced work of NASA, and by other life science research, is made accessible by Creative Commons collaboration and doable by cooperative action. As inventor of Sola Roof, I offer everyone, everywhere a catalyst - which is the POD - to build as first step on this path to abundant living through "livingry". We can apply internet communication & collaboration tools to birth a global community of POD Pioneers and the work and success of the one can immediately benefit all. The response to the POD solution will be YIMBY: Yes In My Back Yard! - while the NIMBY voice also grows stronger, because we will have a true choice and a opportunity to say no to what harms; the chance to break the chains and really make a difference. 

Crowd sourcing and crowd funding can mobilize capable teams and cooperative enterprise networks can rapidly become powerful economic drivers of change at the deep and disruptive level that is able to overturn the entrenched, exploitive industrial/military groups that have such a strong grip on our lives. As we all become secure producers of most essential resources for sustaining a high quality of life, then power-over people (that we feel as "the system") will fade rapidly. While "system collapse" is eminent, I believe that power-with can birth a world of abundance for all and avoid the devastation of runaway Global Heating and potential of life extinction.

In service to the whole of life, Richard Nelson July 30, 2013

I credit Joanne Macy, in her recent book “Active Hope”, for the key concept of “power-with” replacing “power-over” as one of many paradigm shifts that empower deep change.

Richard Nelson is inventor of Sola Roof technology and know as Sola Roof Guy at the www.solaroof.org wiki, which is the hub of a global Open Source collaborative. Richard is on life-long mission to create “living structures” including dwellings and a built environment that connect people with nature for abundant provision of all the essentials of life with the integration of regenerative cycles for food/water/energy. Sola Roof technology, as defined in Richard’s several Patents is dedicated to a Creative Commons Public License (3.0) so as to provide a platform for global collaboration & cooperation that can build a world of abundance for all. His goal at this time is the launch of the POD solution for family food security, health and prosperity. The POD is a co-creative work with POD Pioneers, who are sharing their best-of-kind, accessible, affordable "livingry" to empower individuals/families and collective action (POD Works) “to be the change”. The immediate objective is formation of a Benefits Corporation to activate a global network of POD Pioneers. Richard is seek 1000 Co-Missioners to join in support of this work "in service to the whole of life". Together, WE have the collective means to the launch a wave of POD Pioneers and to incubate many POD Works hubs around the world. This work values and requires open hearts, synergy and a vision for living in harmony with nature; calling for people to act in faith that a reborn humanKind may thrive (even in our billions) together with all of LIFE, in all of its infinite diversity, beauty and wildness, enabling the healing and recovery of the Earth, while restoring the foundations of health and wellbeing for people everywhere.

Extracted from P 2 P? (credit coming at next edit)

Abundance, from the Latin ab-unda, from the water, the wave, that which over-flows, is the sense of bounty, of plenty, the sense of living things and life itself which flowers and grows. The luxurious growth of the natural forest, the inherent goodness of air and water, the fullness of the harvest (we say: an abundant year), the bounty of vegetable and animal life are indeed the logos of our oikos. We can simply put it in terms of "scarcity thinking" versus "abundance thinking". Scarcity thinking is linked to fear and unfulfilled needs; abundance is a sense of plenty in life, a sense of the bounty of living.

or, my short form:

  1. Abundance, from the Latin ab-unda, from the water, the wave; that which over-flows, bounty, plenty; of life itself which flowers and grows.