P 4 L

P 4 L means: POD Private Public Partnership for Livingry

This is a global consortium for all companies, enterprise, institutions, foundations, NGO, Colleges & Schools, Universities, Agencies of Government, Governments and Ministries, Non-profits, Charitable Organizations, Churches and formal and informal networks, groups, communities and cooperatives who may gather together in support of our purpose to co-create for a global Creative Commons many of the key answers to the grand challenges that threaten to overwhelm our world civilization. Through simple, direct, local action on development and a gradual perfecting of the POD we advance the new art and science of "Livingry", which is applied for the benefit of families, while at the same time is working in service to the whole of Life.

I offer a dedication of P 4 L to the memory of Buckminister Fuller, who coined the word Livingry and ask for the blessings of all of your prayers to sustain this work until we can say that we have passed over the threshold of realizing abundance for all and have done our part to secure the "universal success of all of humanity" as anticipated by Bucky.

I also invoke the powerfully positive prognostications of Robert A. Heinlein in his book, "FOR US, THE LIVING" to ask you to be of courage as to our capacity to build a better world, not to live in fear of the future because all the answers are at hand and close as your own life.