Kickstarter Project

For the funding of the POD Kit development we intend to establish a Kickstarter Project - the kick-off event for this stage of our work is our July 28th all day workshop and Video Bridge conference. The registration of our Kickstarter funding campaign will start on that date or soon after in August. The funding goal is to cover our costs for the development of the Eco POD as will be offered as a POD Kit by the Sola Roof Coop.

In the time leading up to the 28th we will have discussion and consultation to establish the "Rewards" that will be provided to supporters of our Kickstarter Project. We will post the ideas and plans here as a brainstorming by all those who would like to contribute to the success of the POD Kit launch.

We plan to do operational demonstration and testing of the POD Kit at two sites - one at Greenfire Farm in Athens OH and one at an urban site in Detroit MI. I propose a budget of $10K for each of these projects the POD floor area is 16' wide and 20' in length on the interior and an exterior width and length of 20' x 24'. This is a Vertical Greenhouse design with an elevation at the inside peak is 13.86' and the outside peak of about 16'. The all aluminum prefabricated structural frame that is easily assembled by two people in one week, using only hand tools and requiring no lifts. cranes or heavy equipment.

In addition to the "hard cost" of $20K for these two POD demo sites our program requires a third POD for promotional events bring our budget for material costs to $30,000. In addition we require $30,00 for our project team who are managing the product development, installation and testing and supporting the Sola Roof Coop startup. The total Kickstarter funding goal is therefore $60,000.

Our Kickstarter Project will provide us with internet and communications budgets to support our goal of establishing capacity to deliver 350 Beta sites before winter of 2012. The goal is to place orders to meet this minimum goal by 12.12.12 - an awareness campaign for family/community food security and CO 2 solution in cooperation with - the Sola Roof Coop will determine the best POD Kit price for all COOP Members who participate at this stage.