Earth Regeneration Center

This is the point of origin of the impulse to establish the COOP and to create the POD, which is the connection and collaboration between greenfire and Sola Roof, as represented by Richard Hogan and Richard Nelson respectively. We think of this meeting as a fusion creating a "stem cell" ( or new "organizational DNA") that is about to manifest the emergent potentials of Birth2012 - the physical location is Greenfire Farm. This creative impulse will be a catalyst for the emergence of a new pattern for Eco Living in all its complexity and depth. The POD Prototype is a first stage and core activity and we intend that this activity will flow outward from the Earth Regeneration Center to activate other emergent centers (see Eco Centers) that are commissioned by greenfire, and which will subsequently commission others to increasingly localize the support for POD Projects and enabling family food security while building community resilience and answering Global Challenges.