Co Missioners

POD Net seeks to secure one million, two hundred thousand dollars (1.2 M USD) or more from a global Crowd Funding Campaign to enlist 1200+ sponsors as “Co Missioners”. Co Missioners subscribe to 3 levels: $1000 sponsors a POD Pioneer; $5000 sponsors a POD Works; and, $10,000 to $50,000 to sponor selected POD Works national hubs. Co Missioners have an enterprise opportunity with each level of participation, working individually and collectively for the startup of POD Net and to support the initiative of POD Pioneers and providing leadership to POD Works teams. In-kind contributions, labor, and cash provided since spring 2012 by collaborators, R. C. Nelson and R.E. Hogan, have enabled the creation of the “seed” POD at greenfire Earth Regeneration Center (Athens, Ohio), which are evaluated at $100K - POD Net accepts a contingent commitment to refund these investments.

Use of Funds, is to:

Fund 12 POD Pioneers, with matched, local crowdfunding, in 6 key market regions across the USA/Canada and an additional 6 POD Pioneers projects with strategic Private/Public Partnerships around the globe; POD Pioneers shall be incubated and supported in each locality, with regional POD Works teams emerging for mutual support and cooperative action; enhancing the global collaborative with coherent collective intelligence including continuous software advancement; apply for international patents and secure proprietary position that protects and nurtures a robust Creative Commons that recognizes and rewards our innovators; continued community portal and wiki website development and implementation of affiliate member’s accounts, Web Store for members, affiliate management, and accounting platform; and, launch a membership campaign that will secure further growth and expansion from Membership Fees and the viral formation of POD Works, reaching break-even by Q3, 2016.

Type of Organization:

POD Net is a worldwide COOP to be co-founded in 2015 by R. C. Nelson as promotor and organizer, with participation of POD Net Co Missioners selected to to join in the formation of POD Net. This cooperative organization intends to enlist general members, PODners, and a network of POD Pioneers & POD Works enterprises that, subsequent to startup, will join as special COOP members. The launching of POD Net will support of POD Pioneers development; with demonstration and documentation of the Life POD (for households) and Agri POD (for enterprise) solutions at several sites in the USA and around the world. POD Net encourages collaborative Public/Private Partnerships (PP Ps?) to reach a level of “super-credibility” and to mobilize the science, technology and management expertise and funding resources of one and all to build a successful local to global organization that can make the difference for the whole world. POD Net will gain support of both commercial Sponsors and “charitable” Donors, with the to goal to implement humanitarian PLENTY 4 All? projects providing free POD Fresh Food.

Type of Funding:

The founders wish to secure requested funding in form of both tax-deductible donations or subscription of POD Notes? applied to jumpstart our socially responsible enterprise designed to generate a triple bottom line and to grow distributed financial capital to build a new balance with people, planet and prosperity, while profiting our Members and their customers, vendors, stakeholders, and benefiting the whole community of life, as we act individually and collectively to heal our one home, mother Earth.

Funders’ profile:

We propose to engage with a large network of Co Missioners who work both individually and together to build up POD Net in a local to global Crowd Funding Campaign. POD Note? subscribers are likely to be attracted to our crowdfunding as sponsors making contributions locally (to a POD Pioneer) and we will reach these people through online networks and community activist groups. Co Missioners are likely to be wealthy private individuals, angel investors, impact or conscious capital investors, socially responsible corporate sponsors and philanthropic organizations who will gain co-branding association and desired “impact” at this historical tipping point. Up to 1200 Co Missioners will contribute from $1000, $5000 or $10,000 for specified rewards.


POD Works affiliates who join the global COOP, shall nominate, by simple plurality of vote the persons to be eligible for election (of 3, every 3 years) by all PODners to our Managing Board (of 9) who shall serve in terms of 3 to a maximum of 9 years to provide both continuity and change.

Not an offering:

This funding proposal is not an offering of shares or securities. There is no promise to payback funds received, but for the Donors, Nelson, undertakes on behalf of SRF to use the Pay It Forward gifts to produce a like contribution in-kind as POD Fresh Food to local, charitable food banks in the future, under the PLENTY 4 All? mission.

Donor and Sponsor Form:

Interested funders may subscribe for enlistment as Co Missioners via our sponsor form.