POD workshop - design, construction, Bubble Tech at Greenfire Farm - two days of intensive sharing, connecting and gathering together with the energy and synergy to "be the change".

We are making a renewed effort for POD completion at greenfire this spring, and everything we did last spring has set the pattern - I hope again that we can connect many communities with learning opportunities - sharing our process of not just talking but of walking the walk - as we co-create solutions for sustainable living. 5 Canadians gather this weekend (May 31 & June 1st) with members of the Athens OH community to work together and generate that synergy we felt last year that came from great heart connections that span the globe. I hope you can join us in Google Hangouts On Air that we we will host from greenfire on the Sola Roof channel at YouTube during Friday/Saturday as we have an intense 48 hours of sharing our thoughts, prayers and meditations and also acting on disruptive innovation by constructive work on the POD and with workshops on Bubble Tech and Liquid Solar design. We will discuss the Creative Commons collaboration for local, regenerative food/water/energy enabled by Sola Roof that now spans the globe. Be there at Greenfire Farm, join us on live streaming Hangouts On Air at our SolaRoof channel on YouTube, and participate in workshops on-site or on our Hangouts On Air? panels - we need you help and you hearts, hands and minds to join us in this good work for people and planet!