Wiki Website

Within the Sola Roof Wiki we have our collective work to build the knowledge base and this our principal Wiki Group. This reflects our "global vision", which has the purpose of supporting local action and project initiatives. Our active Sola Roof Members are encouraged to create a Wiki Website within our Wiki so that it is easy to connect with these local projects. The various Sola Roof Projects are examples that will inspire others and educate by documenting how individual projects have been planned and constructed. These Sola Roof Projects can be set up with a Wiki Group so that they can be presented in individual WikiWebsites that are managed by the project developer or project team to provide ongoing information - documenting the operating experience to the rest of the community.

The Wiki Website can have the style of Personal Website (includes all kinds of non profit activity) or an Enterprise Website. Both are welcome and as we will support more and more of our members using the Sola Roof and Blue Green concepts to build profitable enterprises that are ethical and sustainable and that benefit society by restoring the ecology and environment. Gradually this Wiki will become a community of WikiWebsites that will help to connect our members who are endusers with those who are suppliers and also connect everyone with the developers (experimental individuals, teams, univerity and school groups) who need all kinds of feedback to focus on ways to improve our methods.

These projects are all specific examples of the more general descriptions of Sola Roof Tech and the Sola Roof Apps that we will describe in the Knowledge Base. So this will give us a good way to bring in all kinds of experiments and various adaptations of Bubble Tech and Liquid Solar and many other technologies that are brought together with our methods to result in Eco Living solutions. Basically, I am saying that there is room here for all kinds of activities and everyone is welcome since it is our collaboration that will be the key to success.