Wiki Pages

When we create or "author" Wiki Pages we invent a suitable Wiki Word and this becomes the name of the page, which is also referred to as the Wiki Topic?. Each Wiki Page? has a unique name and sometimes it is located in a Wiki Group so that it has a name that looks like this: PmWiki/WikiGroup. The main section of this Sola Roof Wiki have pages that are all linked together to make the Open Space of this Wiki. This is where we collaborate to build the Sola Roof Knowledge Base. If you are about to make a new Wiki Page? here then it is advisable to first enter that Wiki Word into our Search Wiki box and click "Go"; if the page already exists then you can see how you can contribute to the content of the existing page. You also be shown a list of pages that are similar and you can look at these first to see how your new page will relate to those other similar Topics. The Topic that you were going to create might exist as the plural form of the same word. Then you should consider if it is appropriate to have two pages with the only difference being that one is singular and the other plural.

I have a feeling that most pages should refer to the singular of a Topic - but on the other hand I created this page referring to the plural. I would be interested in your comments on such simple protocol issues since I am very new to the Wiki World.