Wiki Logs

The Wiki Logs are a great feature that we (a big thank you to Andres) are developing here to help us to build our Sola Roof Community, our teams and our relationships (one-on-one) and all of the Wiki Logs are open to everyone to view and for participation (Members can edit and comment) and to provide Personal Space within the Sola Roof Wiki. The Wiki Logs are, in many ways superior to Blogs and Journals that are now very popular on the internet. See some relevant discussion here. Our links to Sola Roof Members Wiki Logs are provided on our individual Profiles Pages.

Within a Log you can have a Personal Space (remember it is Not A Private Space) where you don't need to worry about being "off topic" because whatever you consider relevant to your "journey" on the the path to sustainable living is of interest to our community. We all have in common many challenges and issues that most of us face and it is worth knowning how we each set goals and make progress day to day towards personal transformation. I recommend we share this wisdom that is gained at "great cost" so that others will also be inspired and perhaps can apply something of our individual solutions to their own situations. We need to tranform our homes and personal lifestyle to have a possibility of transforming the world and building a sustainable future. Working together everything is possible!