Water Working

The Blue Green solution that I advocate is based on Water Working (the Blue) and living plants + algae (the Green) - which are the two systems that must be integrated within our Sola Roof buildings - for example the Agri POD - to embody the paradigm shift that is referred to as Ecomimicry Architecture.

Water Working is brought to a new apex of knowledge at the beginning of every golden age of civilization. At this time of global paradigm shift I predict that the emergence of the concept of a "living structure" - as compared to buildings that are simply physical/mechanical constructions - such living buildings have, like any living creature, most of the mass in the building as water and water based liquid systems. Sola Roof implements these liquid technology systems in the Cavity Space of the Sola Roof, where we have the Liquid Solar process for maintaining Controlled Environment and the Bubble Tech process - which is a use of liquids that is unexpected - but really amazing in effects!

Then, within the building there are multiple water and water based liquid systems - all of which help to integrate, within our living structure, the liquid mass that is used to hold and to release thermal energy in an approach that we call Eco Dynamic systems. These give an appearance that the building is a complex, living Eco Habitat. We use water within our Bio Digester process, within our Mass Algae Culture, for our Aqua Culture? systems and for the Bio Hydroponics? systems that grow food, feed, fiber and fuel crops.

Sola Roof technology is also able to purify and process water to transpired moisture to valuable condensation at a very high rate of production all the time that the sun is shining on our Leaf Canopy?. We do not have a loss of water due to ventilation requirement - because of Liquid Cooling - which means that there is no longer a conflict between the needs of Urban and Rural water demand. The importance of our Water Working solutions for provision of pure water in every community is equally compelling as is its capacity to delver Food Security? - the Blue Green solution is the complete package - and now these advantages are available for all - we offer Agri POD for rapid diffusion and easy adoption of these complex, integrated systems.