Solaureum Community


This page is a place-holder for the newly inaugurated (11/06) Solaureum Ecovillage and Sustainability Lab (SESL--"sisal"). Currently a joint project between a committed landowner and EcoBen. The plan is to resolve primary design considerations this winter, before initiating several constructions early in 2007. An external website is in development, however a journal of progress and objectives will be maintained here as well. We are located in the beautiful high-desert canyonlands of southern Utah, USA.

Hi Eco Ben - thank you for participating! Perhaps the time has arrived to establish a Group specially for Eco Villages. This would also relate to the Eco Habitat group that would be more about the technology, while the Eco Villages group would be about actual places and people. I am also becoming engaged in an Eco Village development in The Gambia. I have not said too much about this but we also have a team and a site and some initial investment. Also, most importantly the participation of an existing village nearby and an exciting Ecotourism Resort that is associated with our Eco Village project.

What do you think about becoming an editor and blogger at the Eco Villages group. This might be more effective then having separate Blogs for each project. However, you would also be welcome to set up your own subwiki here as a group for your community or for yourself personally. You could establish Solaureum Ecovillage? or Eco Ben? for example. I would help you to set up a Blog for the group you prefer to establish or, as I suggested we could Blog on this subject under a common group called Eco Villages. What do you think is best? - Sola Roof Guy

The ecovillages umbrella sounds good to me. I will be constructing a distinct website for this project, so perhaps from this page I could just link there and to a SESL blog on Eco Villages here? I am anxious to learn and share more of the theory and tech aspects through Eco Habitat pages as well.

I've started to put some structural ideas up on the Eco Habitat page, and will continue to 'play' with those (other input encouraged of course). Also considering a format in which to exhibit my own project in conjunction with others past, present and future on the Eco Villages pg.