Soap Solution Tank

The Soap Solution Tank is the storage reservoir where the Soap Solution is kept. The Soap Solution drains back by gravity from the wall and roof cavities of the Sola Roof building envelope - so that the mass of this liquid together will other water based components of the Liquid Thermal Mass are supported in a reservoir system that is below grade or resting in tanks that are supported on the ground. Some of the tanks can be "tower type" that take less floor area and hold more volume because the are quite tall. This will also reduce the energy needed to circulate the Soap Solution to the wall or roof Cavity Space when making bubbles or when using the Thin Liquid Film Coooling? process. More quantiy of flow Soap Solution is pumped to the Sola Roof to provide this Liquid Cooling process but there is never any "ponding" of the liquid in the roof - the Soap Solution flows back by gravity and only a thin film is established to provide this cooling process, which is very much more efficient and effective than ventilation or any other process for cooling. Thus the structure remains very lightwieght and low cost.

The Liquid Cooling not only captures the Solar Thermal Energy? but it also can be combined with the Liqiud Bubble Shading? to give a very great reduction in the cost of high quality (equivalent to mechanical air conditioning) temperature and humidity control. We refer to this as the Solar Controlled Environment, which is a building integrated function of the Sola Roof Design?. This design can also be combined with other Blue Green solutions, including the use of Cold Water Resources.