Soap Liquid Tank

A simple Soap Liquid Tank (this is where the Soap Solution is held) can be formed by the lower section of the Cavity Space as the Outer Cover? Inner Cover extends to the tunnel framing at the Side Wall?. The Tunnel Greenhouse framing system can be constructed in a space along the Side Wall? from the level of the top of the bench to the ground. This is a tank formed along each Side Wall? - on both sides of the tunnel. The Inner Cover material can drape into this linear tank that is best formed with a pondliner fabric. The liquid supplied into the Cavity Space (for the bubbles or liquid film cooling) drains directly back into this tank. The Side Wall? must have an insulated exterior wall and floor in cold climate locations. Beside the Soap Liquid Tank, towards the interior side there is an additional space for more Liquid Thermal Mass under the benches along each side of the tunnel. The tank for the Liquid Film is thermally coupled by plastic tubing coils that run the Soap Solution through the Liquid Thermal Mass tank as it is pumped to the Bubble Generators or to the sprinklers that distribute the Liquid Film.