Radioactive Contamination

Food security and food safety in a contaminated world!


I feel that there is now a crisis shaping up with food - it was already building - but the radiation contamination of a significant food producing area of Japan due to the nuclear disaster (and perhaps a larger area of Asia) will put more extreme pressure on food prices. Sola Roof is a closed atmosphere growing system - to my knowledge the only growing system of its type in the world - so if, low-cost, high energy efficiency, total utilization of CO 2, total recapture of water used for growing and prevention of entry of pests and disease vectors is not enough to compel the adoption of Sola Roof, then we now have the most important reason ever: that our Liquid Solar controlled environment system is non-ventillated Closed Atmosphere and therefore would protect the food from radioactive contamination. Follow this link for current information on food, water, land sea and air radioactive contamination data issued by the Japanese Government.

Those friends of Sola Roof and members of the Sola Roof Community who can help Sola Roof to connect with the people, government, corporate and university sectors of Japan please take every avenue for introduction of Sola Roof innovations, especially DIY Food, to help ameliorate the impact of natural + man-made disaster.

Today I have heard that cooling water leakage from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is "millions of time" over acceptable limits - which must be the result of cracks in the containment vessel of the failed reactor core, which to my understanding is now being cooled with direct flow of seawater to the reactor core; seawater used as cooling water to take away the uncontrolled generation of heat from the damaged reactor cores. There is usually no direct flow of cooling water (and certainly not seawater) to the reactor core; rather there are normally closed loops of cooling with heat exchange and no direct flow through the reactor. The release of core cooling water from the closed cooling and/or the water to steam to condensed water power cycle loop is what is usually considered a significant breach of safe operations. It appears that now all such standards are abandoned and we are asked to accept that an unknown, ongoing out flow of radiation contaminated seawater will be discharged back to the ocean where DILUTION is supposed to make such contamination harmless.

This is a dangerous deception and dilution will not make the contamination less potent. More sea life is likely to be contaminated and bio-concentration will work very effectively to move this toxic contamination up the food chain and into the human food supply. Like the situation with the BP Oil Disaster, the media is projecting the message that the powerful Atomic Energy lobby would want us to hear: "that there is no worries" - that the public should not be concerned about the consequences because the goal of the lobby is that this disaster will not disturb the goal of a resurgence of the Nuclear industry under the absurd cloak of being a source of "green or clean" energy. This all supposes that there are not solutions for Global Warming and that we must be desperate for any answer to dangerous Climate Change. This is just wrong and I can assure readers that photosynthesis within our controlled environment greenhouses and Sola Roof buildings (using plants and Mass Algae Culture) is more than adequate to supply abundant energy that is truly green and clean.

What we need is more investigative reporting to uncover the truth of the situation with Radioactive Contamination now being emitted to the air, land and Ocean from the Fukushima - and the true rate of ocean contamination that is ongoing. Just because the pollution is hidden by dilution into the ocean we cannot ignore the implications.