Personal Home Page

At the Sola Roof Wiki the Personal Home Page is a the gateway to your Personal Space but we actually call this your Profiles Page that is in this format: Profiles/YourName. Here is what you get - a page that looks like this but will have your own Real Name? or NickName instead of the generic Profiles/YourName. These pages are all grouped under the Profiles section of our Wiki and there is a Recent Changes function that will let you know who has updated their Profiles Page so that we can share personal news and developments and notify others of new content within our Personal Space where we can have dialogues and work in smaller teams that are particular to our situation and not suited to the On Topic? discussion or content of the Sola Roof Wiki pages. Often there will be links from Wiki Topics? to pages in Personal Space.

This will encourage more communication and team work as well as our ongoing collaboration. From your Profiles Page you can link to a Personal Website that is unique to your interests and from other members' Profiles Page you may find that you are following links to their Wiki Web Log or Personal Websiteto? get to know them better (like my Solaroofguy Home Page. There will also be links to the Sola Roof Projects and Grass Roots Projects that individuals and groups are organizing as Wiki Groups but access for editing may be limited to Team Members?.

Thus we can have a very flexible and rich texture to our relationships and can establish productive networks within the larger community.

Thank you for your participation. Together we can build a sustainable future - Solaroofguy