POD Works Global

POD Works Global is a new initiative launched on 01.01.14 by the Sola Roof Community for the purpose of co-creating the POD solution for local, regenerative Food/Water/Energy - the FEW essentials for the health and wellbeing of families and communities everywhere. We have a Website at POD WORKS GLOBAL where we have key documents for download.

PODnet? is a cooperative business model - a local to global network comprised of independent entrepreneurs as 21st century family farmers who are well integrated in the local community (rural, sub-urban & urban) and who are taking collective action to establish a POD Works enterprise in their region to serve the POD partners, or as we call our members, the PODners?. Early adopters are also called POD Pioneers. The local POD Works are the hubs of PODnet? and the plan is to establish the POD Pioneers and then start up POD Works, and these POD Works enterprise will affiliate as a global cooperative called POD WORKS GLOBAL - that is the top level organization that will emerge. My Mission is to build the POD WORKS GLOBAL team of "CoMissioners" who are enlisted to be Angel Investors and Mentors of PODnet?. CoMissioners will mobilize the "startup money" that activates our PODnetPlan?.

For the purpose of engaging with a global community of Angel investors we have a published (and will continuously update) a PROFILE at Angel List?.