A global collaborative intend to create iconic gathering places, where people will come together under the cool, green, garden canopy of the Tree of Life: a new paradigm for ecological architecture with integrated Sola Roofclosed ecological environment” system that is secure from threats of Global Warming, fossil energy and water scarcity crisis; sustaining regenerative, vertical farming of abundant Food plus clean Energy and pure Water - the FEW essentials that we all need for healthy and thriving communities.

The PLENTY 4 All Mission: to build and operate a place of iconic design where people gather under the living canopy of the Tree of Life with the purpose of giving voice and artistic expression to our conviction that nature, as God’s Creation is plentiful to provide for each and everyone of the human family. The objective is to launch a first proof-of-concept for Tree of Life as an exemplar project that will create new solutions of such strength of capacity as to uplift all people to dwell in a place of peace and plenty while healing the damage, sadly already inflicted upon our one home, our precious and loved Earth. The PLENTY 4 All Mission is embodied by the Tree of Life as an exemplar, inspirational building concept, which is for health of people and restoration of environment. The Tree of Life explores and teaches the core themes of Living Food and Holistic Consciousness, which sustains both body and spirit. The goal of Tree of Life is to be a source of living food and innovation for “livingry” – distinctly different from commercial and entertainment venues - to create opportunities for people to transition to thriving, prosperous life styles by accessing organic, fresh food, green products, clean energy, vital services and Creative Commons knowledge that will drive forward a disruptive, and radically innovative “regenerative economy”.

PLENTY 4 All Vision

The Tree of Life project will be established by a small team with leadership of Richard Nelson, as a non-profit “mission” with communication services provided by Missions Radio. PLENTY 4 All Mission is to be operated under the wing of the Sola Roof Foundation (SRF) as a self-sustaining, never ending activity for education and skills training including certification for clean/green jobs & self-employment in association with the POD Enterprise Network or, POD Net, a local-to-global movement co-creating the Agri POD within the wider SE Net vision. The educational program will be funded by donors, sponsors and with ongoing revenue and incomes from operations. SRF is responsible for the health and wellness education with programs for lifestyle interventions bringing transformation to homes, communities and city centers. Together, the founding organizations will seek to replicate, in a local-to-global strategy, the PLENTY 4 All Mission in other regions around the world as a self-funded “proving ground” for ecological innovation that can be used for all kinds of education/learning based sustainability and humanitarian developments.

The self-funding aspect of the PLENTY 4 All Projects is assured by creating a facility where stewards, guests and visitors will enjoy shopping, eating, working, conferencing, healing and learning in a climate controlled, safe and energizing environment. This is accomplished by creating a unique environmental architectural space that presents: Ecologically responsible products from around the world and green/clean enterprise certification, including training for enterprise opportunity with the POD Enterprise Network - POD Net:

  • Biological food (including POD Fresh Food) to eat or take-away with onsite restaurant, and space available for banquets and events;
  • Environmental education, information, conference space, training facilities and entertainment and recreation for all ages; and
  • A Commercial Hub available to firms and organizations with environmental interests, including a POD Works with local and global outreach coherent with the PLENTY 4 All mission.

Our focus is on providing easy access to products and services for daily life that respond to the growing demand for healing, wellness and wholeness at affordable prices. A new vision will be experienced by all our visitors and guests; one that integrates culture and modern needs with people’s desire for personal and planetary healing while enjoying a thriving lifestyle.