Oil Plus Hurricane

I hope I am very wrong about this concern about the BP Oil Disaster but I would like to be on record that the issue has been flagged: The use of the dispersants will make the highly toxic mixture of dispersed oil much more miscible. This "hides" the oil but also will allow these substances to create Toxic Oceans as the miscible toxic soup is spread far and wide by currents, tides and weather. Fractions of this dispersed oil are forming vast square miles of "slick" on the ocean surface. This is something new and not seen before (because dispersants have never been used before in such vast quantities) and I have seen no scientific analysis of the toxicity of this slick, but I imagine that a hurricane will pick it up into the wind spray and rain. This can bring the toxins far inland and contaminate agriculture and water that will pollute the food chain and drinking water reservoirs.

I don't see any forethought about how we will deal with a possible food crisis and drinking water contamination that can affect 10s of millions of people. I really hope that this concern is in the impossible category - but the destruction of the the Blowout Protector was also supposed to be impossible. So, the question of what would be the response to this scenario is something that emergency planners should be working out. The continuing use of dispersants at the source means that the surface slick will continuously reform since this material is coming up from the huge underwater plums of suspended mix of oil and chemical dispersant.