Nuclear Disaster

URGENT Shelter will cooperate with all global authorities organizations and local community initiatives that have the purpose of creating Eco Habitat that provides food security and safety as well as pure water, clean energy and zero to negative Carbon Footprint? for our built environment. These goals are even more important when building back from disaster - the urgent need is to not recreate communities with the same vulnerabilities as were present in the community, and contributed to the severity of damage and loss of life, but rather to "build back better" (slogan of the Clinton work in Haiti).

The impacts of Nuclear Disaster are especially challenging and in Japan they are complicated by earthquake and tsunami damage. Our objective is to deliver solutions for food security and and protection of the people from the effects of Radioactive Contamination. This is possible due to the low-cost, low-energy solution for Closed Atmosphere greenhouses and living space, which can be combined in the fusion of ecological life support and the built environment that we call Ecomimicry Architecture.

When a Controlled Environment can be operated without need for ventilation and air-changes, then a great deal of the danger of air-borne Radioactive Contamination is avoided. This is a benefit of the Sola Roof Liquid Solar process for controlling temperature and humidity using the Liquid Cooling process as an alternative to the present state of art ventilation or more costly air-conditioning.