New Year Revolutions 2006

This year of 2007 promises to be the tipping point for Sola Roof - I am "hitting the ground running" as you can see in this Outook For 2007!

I am certain that there are many breakthrough projects out there! and it would be great to hear from you. Please create a link below to your pivital projects or visions for 2007!

My vision for 2006, which laid the groundwork for the current activity is presented here:

*Sola Roof Guy Revolutions 06

and for previous years:

*Richard Nelson Turning Point 911

  • the heart felt reason why I work to build the solaroof community as an Open Source initiative - please join us!!

*Sola Roof Guy Revolutions 02

*Sola Roof Guy Revolutions 03

  • vision at the start up of the Sola Roof Wiki in 2003 as a message on 5 pages!

*Sola Roof Guy Revolutions 04

  • At the beginning of this year my focus was on Sola Roof as a solution for reversing the trend of Global Warming by clearly presenting the case for plants and algae in CO 2 enriched atmosphere, controlled environment growing to create renewable and abundant Bio Fuel.

*Sola Roof Guy Revolutions 05

Speak your Revolutions for 2006!!