New Year Message 5

Solaroof is one of the many growing communities that are currently being born through ICT and we are intend to be one of the leading and pioneering groups among the worldwide knowledge community working towards sustainable living. Through the yahoo/solaroof and the domain we have been building a community that is approaching 200 enthusiasts. Over the past two years my personal website, the domain, has welcomed about 2000 individuals who have registered to keep posted on new developments. At this time however I intend to take a further step away from commercial and proprietary interests and dedicate my efforts to the opensource community development through the new domain. There we have established a Solaroof Wiki for the development of freely available solaroof technology that is well founded on public domain information, including my oldest (and best) inventions on which the patents have expired. These methods are a good starting point for a simplified approach to solaroof manufacturing, fabrication, construction and assembly to provide the most accessible, affordable and adaptable DIY knowledge base.

I will publish these methods, plans and proposals for business operations and ventures, research and development, programs for technical advancement of materials and construction technology and global and local strategic scenarios for use by any and all members of our opensource community and I will commit my time, as far as possible, to the support of opensource projects, to sponsor and assist the implementation of the Solaroof Wiki, to the assistance of Solaroof opensource manufacturing ventures, projects by individuals and families, and the development of a the worldwide Eco Center? Network that are utilizing the solaroof methods to construct their projects. I hope to succeed in finding financial success and spiritual satisfaction through working in these various ways for the growth and development of our community, experimenting personally with the Honor Payment concept by placing my original works on the Solaroof Wiki, with confidence that an opensource framework is a viable basis to work as a consultant and collaborator with others of like purpose. Solaroof will become a vast distributed Social Enterprise?.

Each Solaroof project will have access to voluntary and paid support from the community - not only from the senior and "certified" members - but from an ever growing number of experienced users and developers of the solaroof building construction and operation methods. Our network of people will not only provide technical support but also voluntary moral support and funding assistance, social enterprise investment and enterprise advice and guidance. We will put emphasis on North-South links and build teams that bridge the gaps that separate communities and close the "distance" between people through ICT. Projects will gain the advantage of access to individuals that can volunteer to join the Advisory Board of individual projects or networks so that the credentials of local projects and initiatives can be supported by the global network. Funding sources will soon come to respect solaroof projects that are affiliated with our network as being good investments, capable of producing predictable and excellent financial results.

This may seem to be a vast vision that is beyond anyone's means or hope of implementation - however I feel that if we work together that our community will grow in capacity with the expanding interest and so we will be able to respond and sustain our effort to serve and support a rapidly growing level of activity. We must be sustained by heart and compassion for each other and learn about the economy of communion - communion in spirit that releases talents and gifts of human resources. Our vehicle, the boat we are in, has the magical power to let on as many as desire to reach the destination; we only need to work together in unity so that we will not be capsized in the storms ahead - because we will become a strong a vehicle which can navigate the changes and challenges ahead and transport us, one and all, to the far shore.

All aboard! Now is the time to set our sails, launching out with faith in God and trust in each other.

Your thoughts and participation to build the Solaroof Wiki are very welcome. - Rick

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