New Year Message 2

I envision that the Sola Roof Wiki collaboration will produce a "greater work" out of the "kernel" that I am initially providing. There will be a Master Plan? that will embrace Eco Centers of all different types and which are adapted to various climates and cultural conditions. Thus there would be many Project Plans? that can cover important variations of the generic Open Eco Center concept. Individual Eco Center Projects? can therefore have a head start by working from a boiler plate of design, construction and operational methods that have been developed and proven by other pioneering projects. These planning resources would include training, educational and certification programs, various income activities and enterprise management know how and marketing strategies that have worked well for other Eco Centers. An Open Source network means that no member project is "secreting, confidential or exclusive" and avoids concepts of non use, non disclosure and non competition that is negative in spirit and that would lead to the hoarding of vital information and non cooperation between Eco Center Projects?. Our Sola Roof Wiki content is licensed for use and disclosure under a Creative Commons Public License.

There would be no "power center" that will control what is required to be a collaborating member of the Open Eco Center Network - no one need be named as the administrator of the network. Like the internet itself the OEC Net will simply emerge as we individually become convinced that we urgently need to work together to secure a sustainable future for our family, our local community and the greater global family. The fact is that we are all in one boat (our fragile planet) that, without our quick response and collaboration, will be swamped and destroyed by the storms that are gathering. The "quick” Wiki way is a valuable tool and we are fortunate to have such powerful collaboration and communication technologies at hand at this critical time.

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