New Year Message

Greetings to everyone,

Friends, I invite you to look into developments at our Solaroof Community. As the founder of this internet community I thought that it would be appropriate to give the people in this group an update on our initiatives - that include the goal of establishing a cooperative network of Eco Centers around the world. Originally, I put together this plan for a training and certification Eco Center in the fall of 2002 for the Government of Malaysia and as I continued to work on developing this project and others in the USA, especially the ANPRC initiative, I realized that we need to create generic plans for effective Eco Centers so that multitudes of successful projects can be constructed.

As many of you will know, since Nine Eleven I became all out committed to working in an Open Source, collaborative environment and therefore it is my intention (this wiki was created shortly after writing this message) to publish to a new solaroof website that will present, through our Solaroof Wiki webpages, an updated version of the earlier Eco Center Plan that has been circulating (this has been done at Open Eco Center). Not only that, but to make this plan more accessible and to let many contributors participate in its improvement and further development we will use a Wiki Web that will go live in the New Year. The great thing about a Wiki is that everyone can contribute. Some can author content, some can edit, and some can improve the presentation, format and organization of the information with their knowledge of ICT software such as the Wiki application.

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