Nelson Resume

Mr. Richard Charles Nelson, Personal Resume

Personal Information

Citizenship: Canadian

Working with Collaborative Teams in: Oslo, Norway - London, England - Detroit, USA

Born: October 5, 1951 Manitoba, Canada

Occupation: Entrepreneur - Inventor


Life Synthesis AS, Raufoss Incubation Centre Norway

Life Synthesis AS is the global applications company for Sola Roof Technology, established by Sola Roof inventor Richard Nelson. Life Synthesis will develop and research Sola Roof products and services for commercialization by Solaroof Systems International Incorporated in the global markets. The key product to be launched during 2012 is greenhouse product called Agri POD, which is targeted to food and energy entrepreneurs in urban areas to enable energy efficient year-round production of food and energy with significant reduction in water usage, suitable for varied climate conditions, and with unique climate control mechanisms which are proven sufficiently deal with heat and humidity without conventional ventilation. Closed Environment Agriculture allows recapturing of the transpiration and high CO 2 enrichment without the current issues of wastage. Life Synthesis is currently implementing a program for development and demonstration of the Agri POD product implementing a Demo project in Norway and two Pilot Projects in Europe in 2012 with support of a grant from the Eco Innovation (EU). Life Synthesis is the lead innovator in Private Public Partnerships in Norway having established the FEED Brazil 2012 Consortium (which will present our F 2 W 2 F? - Food 2 Waste 2 Food) solution to the Rio+20 event) and the CEWT Consortium (supporting research on Controlled Ecological Waste Transformation or, "CEWT").

Sola Roof applications include food production (soil-based, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics) energy production (biomass for Bio Gas, algae for oil) cell cultivation, and integration of the above within sectors dealing with waste and water management.

Richard Nelson is Chairman of the Board of Directors (CEO) of Life Synthesis AS. Nelson has 30 years’ experience with R&D of Sola Roof, and as inventor of the Sola Roof technology Nelson has developed several Sola Roof pilot projects in Canada and the USA.

Solaroof Systems International Incorporated Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Founder, President from 2000 to 2011 now CTO

  • Sponsor of the development of the Sola Roof Wiki hosted by which is a key portal for the interaction and development of the Sola Roof Community and the Open Eco Center Network. This initiative is well underway with over 2000 members and some 900 enthusiasts who are members of our Yahoo Forum. The Sola Roof DIY community are located in all parts of the world many of whom are currently implementing and planning projects.
  • Founder of commercialization company, Sola Roof that is responsible for commercialization of Agri POD and other applications of Sola Roof technology. We are associated with materials and component manufacturers, including aluminum structures by Norsk Hydro, and we seek strategic manufacturing relationships in Europe, Asia and America.
  • Current focus on developing a worldwide community of users of the Agri POD which is a revolutionary solar greenhouse system technology based on my inventions for liquid solar and bubble insulation and shading technology.


THERMACTIVE SYSTEMS CORPORATION LTD. Founder, President from 1980 to 2000

  • Attracted high performance individuals to my projects and over $2 Million investments from both the private and public sectors.
  • Shown ability to sell new ideas, securing and managing about $3.5 Million in contract funding, as summarized below under accomplishments
  • Demonstrated determination in pursuing visionary business opportunities based largely on my personal skills as an inventor arid entrepreneur.
  • Have remained in a collaborative relationship with highly qualified engineering and architectural professionals through two decades of development work.
  • Managed technical staff of 15 including Ph.D. and Masters level researchers.
  • Promoted and constructed (in 1986) a specialized research facility for development of my solar energy technology consisting of several thousand square feet and an expenditure of about $1.2 Million.

As a consultant provided management services as an Officer and Director of the ventures below:

THERMACTIVE R&D PROGRAM (a Quebec Limited Partnership) Founder, Sole GENERAL PARTNER from 1982 to 1990

  • In Montreal, Canada I established one of the first and most successful R&D Limited Partnerships in Canada.
  • Promoted third-party investments of approximately $2 Million and have also invested directly over $1,000,000
  • As General Partner I was responsible for directing the investment of these funds into qualified research and development programs. All R&D projects were successful in Revenue Canada R&D Audits and the commercialization of these R&D results is now underway.

PHYTOTECHNOLOGY PROJECT Project Director from 1991 to 1993

  • I won a funding grant for this project from the Province of Quebec through the CQVB Agency (total funding of 1 million dollars).
  • Managed scientist and postgraduate students at the Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal and at Agriculture Canada, Center for Food Science.
  • Guided the work successfully to completion of a proof of concept of a new biomass production method for cell culture that can be used to produce plant cell biomass for extraction of secondary metabolites for food, cosmetic and drug applications.

SPECIALTY CEA STRUCTURES INC. Licensee, Consultant from 1995 to 1997

  • Consultant to the company founded by William Sturm, Director and founder of Specialty Ultravision of Calgary, Alberta.
  • Retained by the company to design and build a 12,000 square foot SOLAROOF greenhouse project of approximately $1 Million.
  • I negotiated a license with the company to represent and construct a SOLAROOF greenhouse Systems.

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