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Intellectual Property of Richard Nelson

Nelson is developing a number of strategies to encourage commercial and non profit use his know-how and inventions, which includes his contribution of know how to the Sola Roof Community. Strategic alliances with key manufacturers, including Enterprise Partners, recognize the transfer of the benefit of use of Nelson IP to the members of the Sola Roof community and to the registered SE Net manufacturers who are authorized under Open Source (Creative Commons Public License) to manufacture and market of developed products, including Sola Fabric, bubble generator apparatus, connection systems and structural design applications, which tie the whole building system together. Nelson's cooperation with selected Enterprise Partners in several countries, intends to lift the profile of Sola Roof trademarks, copyrights and design to create exemplar products that are produced to Open Source specifications for the benefit of the members and enterprises within the Sola Roof Community.

Nelson has applied his patented concepts to practical tests and fabrication. This has culminated in proven applications, which are now dedicated to Open Source use as defined in our Sola Roof Creative Commons Public License, including the following issued and expired US Patents:

Lightweight Construction System

United States Patent 6,497,074 "Multi-layer flexible panel modules with exterior and interior stressed layers spread apart at the ends and connected intermediate the ends inducing opposing concave deflections to the layers"

An IPC has issued covering modular building envelope construction systems, including the Lens and Bow-tie product types. The Lens product is fabricated from plastic films and lower cost Sola Fabric while the Bow-tie product is fabricated from high-technology polymers laminated with light fiberglass scrim or coated on glass fabrics - referred to as our THV - Sola Fabric. All products provide advanced climate control features and anti-ponding design for flat roof construction. The patent describes the creation of two types of loom fabricated double-layer woven panel construction which are to be saturation coated by a new Open Source coating process.

Dynamic Heating and Cooling of a Building Using Liquid Bubble

United States Patent 6,575,234 "Dynamic heating and cooling of a building using liquid foam"

IPC has issued covering the use of the Dynamic Liquid Insulation for dynamic heating and cooling of a building envelope with an automated process that limits the cooling off or, the warming up of the building envelope. This is achieved by the dynamic regeneration of Dynamic Liquid Insulation in the building envelope as a means of controlling the temperature of roof and wall cavity spaces.

The temperatures of the soap liquid reservoir and of the soap liquid, as it is delivered into the building envelope to generate Dynamic Liquid Insulation, are controlled together with the duration between regeneration cycles. Heat exchangers are located in the soap liquid reservoir that provides the means to accept or to reject heat energy from a thermal mass.

Solar Roof Collector

USA Patent No. 5123247, covers the use of a water thermal mass used in connection with a transparent, thin-water-film solar energy collector formed over the interior roof layer which, while absorbing excess solar gain also controls the building climate.

The absorber, a thin water film, is transparent to the solar visible (and PAR spectrum) but opaque to the re-radiative thermal and solar infrared and provides a "radiative filter". The system includes a heat rejection process within a "chiller cavity" space in the building envelope where the thin water film rejects energy in the form of evaporative losses.

The evaporative "chiller process" produces a colder thermal mass and the extracted latent heat is then transformed into high-grade thermal energy in the form of a hot water precipitate by the "cyclonic separator" mechanism. Finally, there is the opportunity to use a closed-gas-turbine/electric energy conversion system between the hot water output and the cold thermal mass that functions as a heat sink.

Replaceable Bubble Insulation System

United States Patent 4,562,674 "Replaceable foam insulation system" covers the use of a Liquid Bubble insulation process in a modular re-circulating duct-like cavity space within a building envelope. The process assures the complete filling, regeneration or destruction of Liquid Bubbles in a roof or wall cavity. Nelson is recognized as the innovator that has succeeded in the development of this breakthrough technology. Sola Roof will retain its "ownership" by retaining its leadership with this technology.

Canopy system for a building structure

United States Patent 4,452,230 "Canopy system for a building structure" is an expired patent is the basis of our leadership in the Open Source community due to the great simplicity of this original concept of the Sola Roof structure design. Essentially this original technology is the most viable, the least cost and will be the public domain foundation for the Open Source collaboration to build a "standard modular system" of construction that can be adapted to a wide variety of applications, worldwide.

Process for coating material with water resistant composition

United States Patent 4,521,458 titled "Process for coating material with water resistant composition" is also a technology fundamental to the creation of cost effective building envelopes that are fabricated from Sola Fabric. This technology and some further recent improvements offer the means to reduce the investment cost of the coating process so that there will be less of a barrier to manufacturing of the key material for advanced, durable transparent building envelopes.

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