Livingry Or Weaponry

Reinhold, I am certain that there are many like-minded persons here at solaroof - so I would like to pass your vision along to our communtiy. There is no doubt that Bubble Tech, Liquid Solar and using Cold Water Resources (see these topics at the Sola Roof Wiki) are the instruments of Livingry that California needs for its sustainable development. Eco Living is our mission and I hope your message will mobilize more action on our team. Responses are very welcome, here or at the Wiki where I have made a page called Livingry Or Weaponry for collaborative discussion.

Reinhold writes:

Right after 9-11, $40 Billion dollars (that's $40,000 Million) was allocated by the U.S. Congress to use for whatever military or intelligence means to find our terrorist enemy, wherever they are, and destroy them.

What if from that $40B we used $400 million (.1% of the military grant) to develop a plan that would catalyze the research of alternative sciences and development of environmental technologies that empower people and villages? Rather than just giving in to the forces of death, killing and terrorism, let our contribution also be toward Life, toward the Planet, toward all species. A celebration of the World's people! A compassion for their needs. A spiritual reunion of all religions...

The TERRORIST CELLS that are planning to destroy and maim innocent people and our infrastructures, have always been matched by groups of people that are working on plans and proposals for a World that is coming together and to celebrate our arrival in this new century. We are the LIVING CELLS, Earth commando units, change agents, cultural creatives, part of an emerging Peace Force which can make mid-course corrections and build a sustainable future.

What a fragile time this is for humanity!

Aside from the powerful weapons, we have a vast collection of appropriate technologies for the Muslim world and other developing countries. These technologies have not been needed because oil has been cheeper than drinking water. Elegant solutions and sustainable technologies exist NOW that can pull water out of thin air, that can green the deserts of central Asia with 4 harvests a year, that can capture solar energy from the sunshine that falls on Saudi Arabia.

We can still build many Solar Oasis' in Africa and the Mid-East using water to make the deserts bloom... We can rebuild the West Bank into sustainable desert eco-villages with Jew Arab, and Christian living side by side, equal and together, tending their hydroponics gardens while children are learning about conflict resolution and ecological design. We can set up EC Otels? that can service eco-tourism. We can build mass transportation systems powered by the sun. We can set up community vision centers. We can promote the success of indigenous cultures. We can celebrate our fragile humanity... instead of fighting and getting nowhere!

At home, for the price of one B-1 Bomber ($2 Billion), we could build 2,000 1.4 Megawatt windturbines with a capacity to generate 2,000 Megawatts. (That's two Diablo Canyon Nuclear Powerplants) These turbines could power cities the size of the Bay Area, everyday with no fuel-cost and no waste residues.

Throughout the world for $2 Billion we could build 100 thriving eco-villages that could provide their own housing, food production, energy production, education and culture, health care, and meaningful employment and that are not based on OIL.

Our main question to everyone is: How can we build a lasting PEACE that is vibrant and exciting? How can we implement programs that create security for the people?

Instead of WEAPONRY, we shall continue to build LIVINGRY which helps people to cope and feel secure with their lives. Lets us mobilize the building of life-enhancing technologies that are in partnership with nature. Let us demonstrate abundance for everyone! Enough for everyone's need, but not their greed!

We are SYNERGY CALIFORNIA L.P.,an ecological design and development studio and we believe that this is THE ROAD THAT HAS NOT BEEN TAKEN. We are taking it!

If you are like-minded and wish to participate as a funding angel, investor, or client, we are building new lives, with sustainable enterprises, in a new Century.

Contact us.

Reinhold Ziegler, General Partner, (415) 290-4990 Synergy California L.P.

Dear friends of Sola Roof thank you for giving us a LIKE at our SolaRoofCoop page at Facebook! Starting today, I will begin a series of Sola Roof Hangouts - Monday afternoon 3 pm EST, Wednesday morning 9 am EST and Friday noon EST. Each week on a theme to be announced, with the discussions each week progressing from awareness to engagement to action. On this Monday, the first of our Google Hangouts will focus on the the theme of Livingry Or Weaponry. Let me know - if you or some of your friends in your networks would like to join the #SolaRoof Hangouts that will livestream from YouTube/solaroof in the coming weeks. I will begin a Twitter feed at #SolaRoof in support of the livestreaming, to provide another channel for feedback from those who tune in. Each week a theme will be announced, with the discussions each week progressing from awareness to engagement to action. This week, the first of our Google Hangouts will focus on the topic of "Livingry or Weaponry", a Bucky Fuller idea.

‘Indigene’ (Latin = ‘self-generating’) + 'Community' (Latin 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift or service') 'Indigène' (Latine = 'généré du soi') + 'Communauté' (Latine 'com' = 'ensemble' + 'munus' = 'cadeau ou service') Indigene Community Communauté Indigène

'Akwe:kon' Mohawk = 'All of us', Coalition for Gun Control / Coalition pour le contrôle des armes, Richard Nelson,

RE: Livingry or Weaponry. Monday 4th Feb. 15h, Google Hangout Here's an article on our website, 'The Right to Bare Arms', which may provide some tools for the Hangout.

With the Sandy-Hook Elementary School SHES massacre just having happened, gun control in the USA & Canada is once again before us as a society. All those concerned (myself included) are lined up in our almost typecast roles. We continue to negatively frame this human issue as 'stopping-violence' rather than a positive framework of 'building-relations'. I'm personally in favour of gun control, so much as to be personally uncomfortable around all guns of all forms all of the time. Still I know that controlling others does not get the discussion & constructive action going as far as it needs to go. Locked into their fears, conservatives react in alarm to the notion of disarming even going into buying frenzies. Yet if we reframe the issue in terms of building partnerships for helping everyone invest-in & include often excluded individuals in developing & expansion of enterprise business, conservative ears perk up. The Right to 'bare' arms RTBA is a play on the more common 'Right to bear arms'. RTBA is based in unifying human traditions of 'rolling-up-our-sleeves' in mutual-aid through a host of economic & relational tools. RTBA is meant to go deeper than traditional left-right politics to give us cause to work together proactively. Rather than depending upon government action, RTBA starts with individuals, families, businesses & neighbourhoods as the foundation of what government will do. In association with RTBA our neighbourhood software development for 'Do-we-know-who-we-are-?' as on line Human Resource Catalogue HRC, mapping & Community Investment & Exchange System is on track with the leadership of Alain Farmer, Drupal software & website developer, Jahnavi Ramakrishnan, Community Economic Development intern, Stephen Wei mobile apps developer & myself as well as subsequent contributions from another fifteen team members are ready to get this up & running.

In economic inclusion & welcome, your feedback is most welcome,

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