International Islamic Business Event

Global Vision's International Islamic Business Event

The next Islamic business events will seek to target the UK and International Muslim business community. The event will be professionally organised, planned, and managed.

Target Market and Numbers

The event will be marketed to mainly Muslim enterprises in the UK and Internationally. However, the event will be open to businesses of all faiths and non-faiths where their products and services do not conflict with Islamic values and principles, such as alcohol related services. The target is to attract 150-200 business persons and decision makers.

Several marketing and promotion channels will be employed to increase the awareness of the event and attract the target market. Additional promotion and publicity will be performed by Bartercardís PR and Marketing agency called STORM.

Event Structure

The main business event will commence at 9.00am and finish by 5.00pm.

The event will have three sections. The first section will be a series of talks and seminars from carefully selected speakers, organisations and sponsors seeking to deliver Islamic friendly and ethical business initiatives and services to the delegates.

The second section of the event would provide interactive workshops, and a free-form networking opportunity for participants and event sponsors to perform business within an Islamic environment.

Sponsors will be provided opportunities to showcase their products and services via the means of dedicated exhibit stands as well as other promotional activities.

A third section is currently being planed as an Islamic entertainment evening hosted by Mecca 2 Medina? and sponsored by Shukr to take place in the early evening at the same venue.

The event will be video taped by a professional video recording studio.

Local and international press and media will be arranged to maximise event exposure. The following media organisations are expected to cover this event: ARY Digital, British Satellite Network, Islam Channel, IRIB (Iranian satellite news network), The Muslim Weekly, The Daily Jang, and many others. Media coverage of the next event is expected to be comprehensive and global.


A prestigious venue and environment is being arranged. The venue will meet Islamic values and principals including items such as providing halal catering, alcohol free, and offering prayer facilities.