Gift Economy

Gift Economy:

A knowledge economy where individual contribution is recognized and rewarded but is folded together and built with the contributions of others to allow early social maturity and dramatic progress would be a characteristic of the Gift Economy.

It is generally assumed and written that patents protect an individual or entity to ensure commitment of capital and further research and development take place... but it is only this tradition that keeps us living in our interwoven regime of limited creativity, hindered and slowed while our capital/energy/life is overly allocated to repeating errors and loosing time going down blind alleys.

Knowledge shared is knowledge gained by all.
Knowledge gained can be a boon.
Knowledge is not depleted by use.
Knowledge combined with love is the basis for the Economy Of Communion, which can reverse the pyramid!

If the gifteconomy sector gets strong IP, commitment of more contributors and users will advance and the structure will grow and develop. - RU (I for one will share when everything is ready.)

I invite everyone to engage in discussing and exploring our knowledge of how the Gift Economy Works and how we can work within the Sola Roof Community to dramatically change the world by connecting with and helping others, living in poverty, who would like to adopt an Eco Living Life Syle?.

Social Return On Investment? and Social Enterprise? are related to our initiative to develop the Gift Economy.

An other system to reward a contribution to a socially relevant goal with the name "Social Return On Investment" is described at