Demo Tech

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This is the first of the Demotech Wiki pages in the welcoming environment of Solaroof. Demotech too wants to be a gateway to better collaboration to create a joyful world

  • Free for you to use are all of Demotech's ideas and experiences gathered in our design initiatives.
  • How poverty and environmental issues relate to Demotech's targets is explained in this story.
  • Note the good result that our approach has already achieved, notably with the Rope Pump.
  • Students specially are invited to see how they can share our Student Research Team in many fields of expertise
  • Demotech uses Wiki to facilitate interaction. When an idea pops up in your head that may be of value to the issues Demotech wants to cover, make a note at the appropriate place and if available, add an illustration or photograph
  • Click on below images to learn more about design initiatives as described in our Wiki Pages or go to Design Initiatives in Wiki.
  • Mail for info on Demotech issues