Cooperative Capitalism

The institute, founded by Dr. J.W. Smith, researches the causes and cures of world poverty and promotes sustainable world development and elimination of world poverty through economic democracy and democratic cooperative-capitalism. Learn more by visiting the cooperative-capitalism website.

An Open Source business envrionment for the Sola Roof Community will need a new, innovative economic framework to emerge for Cooperative Capitalism. In this economic system we will develop the Gift Economy mechanisms that include Pay It Forward donations, which recognize the value received by our enduser community and also the voluntary Honor Payment, which is an initiative of our Commercial Members?. We will work on the development of the exchange and economic mechanism in partnership with the Open Coop.

JW introduces the concept of cooperative-capitalism this way

We are told monopolies have been eliminated. That is not true. As our research shows

Throughout history, the powerful created our laws and they have subtly and carefully structured monopolies in law. Like inserting monopoly structures into law, that today's subtle monopolies are the most efficient economic system is only a belief system imposed to protect those monopolies. Subtle monopolies are inefficient to the extreme. By society restructuring to Economic Democracy and Democratic Cooperative Capitalism, economic efficiency will increase equal to the invention of money, the printing press, and electricity. That efficiency will permit the sustainable development of the world and elimination of most poverty in only 50 years. The Institute for Cooperative Capitalism evolved from the research carried out by the Institute for Economic Democracy. The latter primarily researches the causes, while this institute maps out a possible blue print for the cures.

Our work for everyone to see We hope to make as much of our research as possible available to everyone. Some of our recent books are available on this site, in full, for free. See our research pages for more information.

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