Cooling Liquid

Cooling Liquid is a general term that refers to the water based liquid that is distributed (usually by spraying from a array of nozzles) over the Interior Skin? and which then flows by gravity back to a holding tank, which is part of the Liquid Thermal Mass system. The Cooling Liquid can have more than one function - but the primary purpose is to establish a Thin Liquid Film Cooling? process that maintains the Interior Skin? at the Dew Point Control? temperature, which will attract moisture in the atmosphere of the building to condense on the underside of the Interior Skin?. This inside surface will be streaming with Condensation? that forms contiuously due to the active process of Liquid Cooling that prevents the Passive Solar? problem of Over Heating? and Hot Roofs?.

Liqiud Cooling? is the principal mechanism of the Solar Controlled Environment system and the supply of the Cooling Liquid to the Roof Envelope? at the correct temperature is the key technical requirement for the system to function properly. The Cooling Liquid temperature is kept cool by thermal exchange with the large Liquid Thermal Mass system, which can also utilize Cold Water Resources available in the ambient environment as a Heat Sink?. This thermal exchange is liquid to liquid and has a high efficiency and rate of transfer that is orders of magnitude greater than can be achieved with the Structural Thermal Mass? that is still recommended by proponents of Passive Solar? design.

The Cooling Liquid can also use salt or fresh water and can be the same Soap Solution used for Bubble Generation. The Cooling Liquid can also be a Algae Nutrient Solution? that is circulated not only to achieve Liquid Cooling but also to transport Seed Algae? to the Inner Cavity Space? where algae is exposed to sunlight and then drains to holding tanks where the Algae Bloom? is harvested before returning the Cooling Liquid to the Sola Roof to maintain a continuous Algae Mass Culture? process. In this configuration the Soap Solution is not allowed to mix with the Cooling Liquid and it is confined to the Outer Cavity Space? of the Sola Roof.