Blue Green Design

Sola Roof has a strategy that will bridge the gap (in human resource and time requirements) by proposing a Blue Green solution - that contains nutrients in a closed cycle for the atmosphere and the water, within our "POD", which is a vertical structure, with the aquatic space at the base (a pool under the floor), mushrooms under the grow benches - and plants from that level up to the peak (2 stories). In the lower centre space we have shade crops (sprouts, baby greens) and germination/plantlet production. Algae are cultured at the inner glazing - and there is the Bubble Cavity between the inner and outer glazing.

The closed water cycle contains the nutrients in the liquid culture medium(s), without soil. The closed atmosphere cycle retains the CO 2 and the controlled environment enables continuous CO 2 enrichment of the air for more leaf uptake and elevated rate of Photosynthesis. The green biomass, food waste and crop waste feed an anaerobic Bio Digester system that gasifies (producing Bio Gas) and liquifies (reducing organic mater to colloidal nutrients) and the fibrous solids are also utilized for plant germination and plantlet starting block media. These methods are very productive and take the pressure off of the need to rebuild the depleted, dead soils that have been destroyed by conventional agribusiness practices and agrochemicals that are toxic to "living soils". With the coming crash of global mono-crop systems and desertification of grazing lands while another billion people are added to global population.