Bio Ponic

HI, J-R - I would like to work with you to write this page - the subject is very important - it is an evolution of the practice of Hydroponics to shift from a synthetic to an organic basis. Another term being used is "organoponic". I have heard a presentation by Cuban delegates to the Eco City? conference last August in Montreal, that discussed the fusion of hydroponic practices and organic gardening that is now happening in the urban and peri-urban spaces throughout Havana - that is able to feed the city and provide work and good nutrition to the people - a model for food security and safety.

I see the goal of localization of food even more enabled by the efficient Controlled Environment technology made possible with Sola Roof, where we can integrate growing space within the built environment of our homes and communities - this new concept for "Eco Habitat" will give rise to patterns for creating Ecomimicry Architecture. The growing spaces are then both indoor and outdoor and we have local, sustainable food in severe climates and seasons that is protected from Dangerous Climate Change.