BG Units

A Bubble Generator Unit is the complete package of components that go together to make the Bubble Tech system work for Bubble Generation, Bubble Regeneration, Bubble Destruction as is needed for the function of Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Bubble Shading?.

The key idea with the Bubble Tech system is the placement of pairs of BG Units within the Cavity Space so that there is a well functioning Bubble Flow Path that allows the dynamic processes named above that allow the control of the quality of the bubbles and the capability to use the bubbles to bring cooling and warming thermal energy to the building envelope.

The BG Units act in pairs - one at each end of the tunnel Ridge Partition? - one pulling air out of the South Side Cavity? and blowing bubbles into the North Side Cavity? and the opposite Bubble Generators taking air from the North Side Cavity? and blowing bubbles into the South Side Cavity?. in a Sola Roof DIY project, which typically is a building with just two Cavity Space[s] and a single re-circulating Bubble Flow Path.