Wonderful live streaming Hangout On Air today; title: FEED The World

With friends from Fresno CA, Athens OH, Montreal QC and Vienna, Austria


Today at noon we have #SolaRoof #hangoutsonair exploring the idea that the nexus of food/water/energy is the key. Here is a teaser:

"How to be the ‘disrupter’ and not the ‘disrupted’"

By Joe McKendrick | March 5, 2013, 11:01 AM PST

I have posted nexus of food/water/energy is the key as a comment at Smart Planet article above:

Creative Commons called Sola Roof has the most needed disruptive solution for local (distributed, regenerative) production of real food, pure water and clean energy in abundance. We have development teams in several time zones working 24/7 to get it right - our POD solution will launch out of the "Blue Green" - just on time to soften the coming whole Earth system crash, through a viral strategy collaborative development and sharing and diffusion through a social enterprise network that supports replication of the POD solution. POD Fresh Food is desired (once experienced) by every family and will take root at a pace previously unheard, closing the widening gap, now becoming a chasm, between the viable 1% and the 99% stranded in growing poverty and scarcity due to established systems failure and acceleration of planetary ecological collapse. Our new meme for Eco Living will spread explosively as families/communities act for the protection/survival of their members - thus establishing connectedness of people, never before seen, a new, sustainable prosperity and humanKind living in harmony and without damaging imbalance with nature. Who would not join a vast grassroots movement to heal people and plant; who would not abandon the insane and failing prescriptions for concentrated power, centralization, consumerism that is attendant with the business of the entrenched Actors, who create and sustain an economy of scarcity, when in reality we are surrounded by Abundance. Sola Roof is an actor in the Gift Economy; WE make the hard stuff look easy through faith in the deep intelligence of all Creation; together, with heart connection we can birth a new humanKind, new earth and new story. Join the conversation, learn of the simple innovations and co-create the POD solution; TALK about the healing and restoring we can do; SHARE in the action!