"FEED the world" is the name of our Google hangout today at 3pm EST. We will continue the discussion through the week, and each session will be live streaming "on-air" from YouTube. Drop-in, watch the earlier or later Hangouts from archive at our YouTube Channel. I invite participation - to send an invitation (join hangout link) set up a Google+ account, if you don't have one.

FEED means Food+Energy Eco Dynamics, a concept co-created with Rita Westvik (of Norway) now living in Egypt. We shift the paradigm to remove the conflict between FOOD & ENERGY when we apply Ecological solutions and rely on Dynamic, living systems - LIFE supporting life. This will be the subject of our conversation in three #hangoutsonair by #SolaRoof community. (MON 3pm, WED 9am, FRI noon; EST) - participate or watch and give us your feedback #SolaRoof on Twitter!