The tipping point (Birth2012) is behind; what is ahead? I have sent this message out to a number of collaborators and partners: Guy McPherson has done the research - and the message is hard to take in - but, what can we do about it?

As inventor of Sola Roof, I am subjective - however, all of you are friends and supporters who also have believed, acted, invested and worked with me. Some of you are new friends and partners, some engaged long ago. Some to whom this message is sent are grieved with my "failures" in the business development of Sola Roof, yet have confidence in the potential of my innovations.

I ask you, in the light of the possibility that our generation is the last before global challenges overwhelm us all, is it not time for action?

Now, we all have a vision of life, of living well and building successful businesses and a better world for our children and grandchildren. But the terrible sins and unforgivable ignorance/greed of our generation has already so damaged our planet that we will be bound to serve out a punishment that is not only on our heads but will be paid by generations to come. But will that future be one of hard but redeeming labor together for restoration and recovery of the earth or will it, due to our decisions now, be a living hell that ends, perhaps, with global conflicts, destruction of civilization, even the extinction of life as we know it? Therefore, what will I and what will you do to make the difference?

I know I will spend my days and nights working to give and to share Sola Roof with people everywhere. I will do my best to expand and enhance the Creative Commons and to encourage, by grassroots action, the formation of the Sola Roof Coop to support families everywhere to build our POD solution for thriving, resilient communities - these POD Growers will regeneratively produce abundant, nutritious food, pure water and clean energy. The POD product is made by the COOP and serves the COOP Members, both the POD Growers and the patrons/subscribers to local food in the community.

This is up to you and me and people everywhere acting in collaboration (for development) and cooperation (for wide replication) - we all can share the message: that we have a strategy for averting the most dire consequences of the consumer/industrial style of life that has come to dominate world culture. Join my initiative at Facebook/SolaRoofCoop - please LIKE, but most importantly SHARE and open and sustain a conversation about the POD and the COOP with your friends and networks. When there is a new hope - when this message goes viral - when a new faith in our human capacity to work with nature is born, when the POD as an instrument for abundant living is demonstrated in many communities, then people everywhere will be talking about taking direct responsibility for deep and radical change that will make the difference. Nothing is more radical than local, regenerative food/water/energy and I ask: do you see something other than Sola Roof to serve as well as an unstoppable catalyst for this change?

with a deep wish that my life and work will help make the difference, I remain at your service, Richard