Thank you Sola Roof friends, for visiting our new Facebook/SolaRoofCoop page. We sailed through the thirty LIKES (at 38 now) and have our site data showing our weekly growth at 3,700% and reaching 105 people in this past week with a message, not only of hope for serious answers to Global Challenges, but an action plan for local food/water/energy: a COOP to build PODS everywhere.

And we are acting with you to "make it happen" now because there is no more time, we are past the tipping point and it is urgent that families and communities understand that their safety and security requires their personal and grassroots response - not government, not business, not the foresight of our leaders, the wealthy among us or the technology innovators is going to save us from impending crisis and breakdown of "the system" of exploitive consumerism/materialism that has brought us to this tipping point.

Only with our focus on the nexus of local, regenerative food/water/energy produced directly by people everywhere - in their own community - and the viral expansion of the number of individuals, families and groups who build their knowledge, skills and capacities to recover local interdependence and resilience can we hope to not only survive but to thrive while passing through the global paradigm shifts that will change everything about our lives.

The Sola Roof community has and will continue to develop and share key enabling biomimicry technology and ecological life support solutions. Our plan is not of hopeful discovery, we know that some simple answers can be applied but that this knowhow is disruptive of the dependent, consumer pattern that is now failing. Therefore we will encounter resistance, which is why individual efforts for real change are futile, as are business initiatives, because these competitive modes and relationships serve only to sustain the dynamics of isolation and exploitation.

We now need to embrace whole heartedly, a mode of cooperation, working in groups and in community and this dynamic is more important than any other factor for the transition of our lives from non-sustainable to a new, dynamic, ecological, lifestyle where everyone is thriving and reaching their human potential. Further, we can build such thriving communities while healing the planetary ecology and restoring the environment and nurturing diversity and the resurgence of life and wilderness. Even in our billions, as the human population peaks, please be assured that our footprint on the earth - when we are aligned and working with nature - need not diminish, harm or threaten the natural beauty and complexity of life on earth.