We are having some fun with Sola Roof projects the USA during this summer. I hope you connect with bubble greenhouse builders in Athens, Ohio where, at Greenfire Farm (organic and permaculture) operated by Richard Hogan, we are collaborating, working openly and building community during "the Summer Of Re Generation 2012". As a catylist for this activity, we are now building a 16' x 20' "POD" (interior) greenhouse with a 2' bubble cavity. The team includes friends from Detroit and bubble generators are getting built in Michigan and Ohio. If disruptive climate change weather patterns allow we will have an startup event on the 28th at Greenfire Farm.

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends - I wish you a happy "Interdependence Day" during this special year of 2012 which is the birth year of a new global family - a transformation, paradigm shifting and life changing time! Please connect and collaborate on solutions for Eco Living.