Progress at the Life Synthesis project at Lindum (near Drammen, Norway) where Robert and Audun are completing a bubble generator build. In the next week a pair of the B Gen will be installed in the Pilot Project. Here is a video report:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12277761/13_March_Test_2_Bubble_Generator_60.mp4 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12277761/13_March_Test_2_Bubble_Generator_62.mp4

I think we got it! I will install both machines tomorrow under the roof! few more pipes and we will start with second skin soon!

regards robert

I provided the following feedback:

Looking good - but not quite right yet!

You need to have the whole screen wet and making bubbles - not just from the centre area of the screen. If not, you will have "free air" moving around that will prevent the cavity from completely filling with bubbles - there will also be large air pockets within the bubbles that will reduce the insulation value because of these "voids". These are not really "voids" these pocket will not fill because free air is moving through the B Gen.

The fan looks to be right. And the two units working in tandem - inside the sealed cavity - will both pull the air out of the opposite cavity and push bubbles in - be certain that only bubbles are produced. No "free air". All air moving is made into bubbles.

Try changing the nozzle pattern or increasing the liquid flow - allow a bit of "overspray" to the sides of the B Gen housing. Or you can also create a "mask" to block off the sections of the screen that are "dry" and not forming bubbles.

This masking of the screen will create more air-flow through the remaining "open aperture" and so you might need more liquid flow and the rate of bubble production can increase as compared to before using the "mask" - the mask is a sheet of film with the right area (where the screen is wet) cut out and the dry area of screen will then be blocked to air flow. Ideally, all bubbles and no air is passing through the screen.

This issue is not noticeable while the B Gen is standing "outside". But when you place the machines inside the cavity space you will see this problem that develops if there is "free air" circulating through the B Gens? - then you will see these "void" air pockets that will not fill with bubbles.

Did Anne get you connected with the Stepan company distributor (in Sweden??) for supply

You are almost there! congratulations. When you are really satisfied with the result you must make a video and post at our YouTube SolaRoof channel

Richard Nelson

PS: Robert explained that they will be installing a stronger pump that will provide more power to the nozzles to cover all the screen area with the soap solution - we will get an update soon