Today is a day of awareness that our planet and a billion people are living on the edge of disaster - have we perhaps arrived at the 11th hour for action to repair, heal and restore the planetary ecology on which is based the wellbeing of all people before it is too late? And since this is also Remembrance Day, I would ask that we all stop to consider that hunger and water scarcity are now the greatest threats to peace and security around the world. It is said that democracies have never made war against other democracies, however we may see this idea severely tested by a global food/water crisis that could break down social order. After all the sacrifice to build our democracies, it is now the present generation that are living on the front lines of a battle to save the very planet itself - it is our collective action will determine if we will build a sustainable future that assures abundant living for all or follow a path of inaction that leaves intractable global challenges to the next generation that threatens to end in devastating conflicts.

The good news is that our Sola Roof global network is taking positive action. We are BUILDING a sustainable future and working hard at several sites around the world. You are invited to keep up with this collaboration here and also to decide to participate. Awareness, engagement and action - everyone, everywhere can act on local food, water and energy - please use Sola Roof and share your knowledge and experience here at the Sola Roof Wiki!