(Usa2k here BTW) Just a quick site test.

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Setting $UploadPrefixFmt = '/$Group/$Name' breaks other images ...

Mini worked off-line in a stock pmwiki test site with the above setting.

New test here http://www.solaroof.org/wiki/GalleryTest/20110508

Petko Yotov helped get me on the right path for Light Box? functionality, and provided great pointers! I am starting to really like Pm Wiki.

OK, site is restructured to display images in a new structure. Attach will now use this structure.

I'm disappointed that the javascript Light Box? is not working on Ie9 here for me. Much better in Firefox.

More experiments Gallery.Gallery Test

We have a header and left and right columns - can we have a footer to every page of a group to offer the comment box feature - we could try this to see if it is useful and might encourage more participation.


SolaRoofGuy?30 May 2011, 13:11

looks good on Snow Leopard

SolaRoofGuy?11 May 2011, 12:09

I am testing the comment box - Sola Roof Guy

usa2k10 May 2011, 16:31

test without signing in.