Dear Sola Roof friends, spring is here and this is the year when I have put my hopes on Sola Roof DIY to become a movement. The goal is family food security and, considering environmental risks (now including Radioactive Contamination), I would also add the goals of food safety and most importantly the nutrition value when you "grow your own food". This is the focus of the DIY Food Campaign.

I invite everyone who has such concerns to take action in their own backyard - our homes can produce sustainable food, water and energy and you can learn new skills for self-reliant living and then teach others as we grow a strong community of DI Yers, who are sharing best practices through Open Source collaboration we will cooperate (see: Sola Roof Coop) to use our collective purchasing power to establish an Open Manufacturing initiative. This approach enables families and communities to take back responsibility for our lives and brings control over essential needs for sustaining a high quality of life; this is the Eco Living lifestyle that is the hope of all people to build a future of abundance.

Now, I have made limited progress to establish the Sola Roof Coop, and progress will only come when people respond to the opportunity and accept the invitation to act - this is a deeply transformational action and so I am not surprised that there is resistance. However, I intend to continue to focus on Sola Roof DIY through this year as it is my last hope for a movement sufficiently broad and deep to have a chance to avoid the future of our nightmares resulting from extreme global exploitation and consumerism and only actions as we pioneer sustainable lifestyles can change this direction and avoid much suffering. If the global threats are too abstract for you, then please concentrate on the family and your community and work hard to be prepared to localize food+energy (Food 2 Waste 2 Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel 4 Energy, which is called by acronym: "F 2 W 2 F 4 E?") and so protect those whom you love.