I have heard a report on CNN that Hong Kong has banned the import of food from Japan based on the fear that this food could be polluted with Radioactive Contamination. I also understand that the fisheries industry is closed (like the situation with the BP Oil Disaster) there are no answers as to where this situation is going. Americans are fearful of the Pacific fisheries catch; and the global food crisis deepens...

Dear Todd Lemons (CEO of Infinite Earth), and many friends in the Far East (Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia), I feel it likely that the quake&tsunami in Japan has had an impact on your situation. I don't personally know anyone in Japan, but I know you will and may also have family in the disaster region. I pray that all your loved ones are safe and send my good wishes to people in the region who are suffering - as you know much of my personal motivation to share Sola Roof is to help with "rebuilding better" from such disaster.

Sola Roof structures are naturally portable and so can be delivered using minimum resources to maximum advantage. For many years I have generated designs and made my proposals know to those within the disaster relief sector. Now that my lead R&D activity, Life Synthesis, is based in Norway I will continue to represent the case for Sola Roof shelters for disaster and poverty relief. Our method is to provide a long term answer to not only shelter, but also to produce food of great nutritional value and clean water resources within our shelters and to teach people the transformative power of plants and algae to build back their lives with comfortable Eco Habitat dwellings for living and growing food that can sustain life in the most severe conditions.

You see, if we just build a small household Pilot Project at your site (in Hong Kong), then the spin-off benefits can include showing Sola Roof capacity for enhancing response to disaster relief. The non-ventialted Sola Roof greenhouse or shelter will help to reduce the threat of Radioactive Contamination of food, increasing safety and local food security. There have been so many who have contributed in small and large ways to the emergence of Sola Roof and your further work and developments are specially focused on the pioneering of new Eco Living lifestyles that create a built environment that will showcase the paradigm shift to Ecomimicry Architecture.

At this critical time, please decide to proceed with a cooperative project development, without the limitations of thinking about ownership and control. Rather, adopt the Open Source way, and use Sola Roof to improve your own projects and give back the benefit of the knowledge generated (Share-Alike) to the global Sola Roof Community and share the hope for natural, abundant living with others who are living in desperate conditions. Help me with Open Source collaboration that will find the way forward for all and then, with the Cooperative action of our social enterprise network (SE Net), our collective strength will enable people everywhere step onto a path of action and self-help and to share self-reliant living solution with those needing help through our Pay It Forward humanitarian projects including the DIY Food Campaign.

This is the goal of my company Life Synthesis. I am ready and waiting to do business and pray that you are even more determined in the face of continuing global crisis.

Regards, Richard