David, if you could look at pulling together a small team to build one of our Sola Roof DIY greenhouse for yourself or another local family. This is micro investment that can result in a breakthrough for families everywhere. A relatively small cash investment, some skills and time is what it takes because we can guide your team with "how-to-do-it-yourself" information. The greenhouse is 14 feet wide (10 feet wide inside) and 20 feet long (16 feet long inside) and 10 feet high to the peak - with 2 feet thick bubble cavity all around.

When you are happy with your production model then start selling the DIY Kit - add 10% and recover your investment. Give workshops and provide training to others. Teach Sola Roof and Aquaponic skills. If in aluminum the structure is about $1000 materials cost. Or DI Yers can build cheaper versions in wood or steal or salvaged material. If covered with prefab Sola Fabric the plastic double cover and tank system is $1000 or spend about $100 to cover in Polyfilm or a bit more for Polyfabric. Fit out the greenhouse with the Bubble Tech and Liquid Solar processes, and aquaponic growing pools or bench system for about another $1000. Harvest 16 pounds to 20 pounds fresh, ripe nutritious food per week (worth $2 to $5 per pound) and harvest about 10 gallons a day of pure condensate water.

We need to work on the DIY methods for algae and energy from biomass produced by simple Bio Digester systems - but expect about equivalent of 2 gallons biodiesel per week from this small Sola Roof.

With all the urgency of the situation for food, water and energy and the very small investment I propose, then I hope to see projects happening everywhere as a grassroots movement - DIY Food.

Easy to build - make a Sola Roof workshop (like barn raising) - use YouTube and Skype. A small space to make the world a better place. Please spring into action, the time for action is now. Richard