Reporting on action and progress with the DIY Food Campaign today and every 11th day of each month of this year leading up to 11.11.11 - when the goal is to show the world 350 DIY Food sites - proving that secure, nutritious, sustainable food is within reach for all.

The beginning of the year finds me in Montreal and my goal during this month is to establish the first steps for forming the Sola Roof Coop - the focus is the construction of a small backyard DIY Tunnel Greenhouse. This will establish a standard for getting the DIY Kit into production with local industry. At the first of March, in Quebec (possibly some other regions in Canada/USA) there will be 10 showcase units available for the first COOP Members who are ready to commit to forming the COOP and establishing the first Enterprise Members network.

Similar collaborations around the world will assure that 2011 is a turning point for accessibility by families everywhere to the benefits of Sola Roof DIY - taking action in the backyard to "grow your own food" is a radical breakthrough when the result is abundant year around food in any climate extreme, at very low energy cost due to effective solar energy conversion and use. In light of the potential of food crisis the viral growth of our Open Source DIY community will contribute to building new, resilient lifestyles by learning skills for greater self-reliance. A DIY movement is founded on the principle of self-help but it will grow because members will also help others to learn and to join.

This will be a work in progress that needs all the help that can be found. Please consider participating - this is an "Open" initiative.