The Yahoo Forum continues to grow, now at 950 members. I feel certain that we will reach the number of 1000 members soon! Sooner if we create more of a buz about Sola Roof with our friends. The best way to do that is to have more DI Yers building projects. To encourage this I have set out a challenge that will have the goal about raising awareness of the importance of local food supply - for food security; for low or no cost food; for assuring that your food is safe (non-toxic) and nutritious. I call this challenge DIY Food and at the Sola Roof Wiki I have been blogging and writing about establishing a campaign for DIY Food that will have a goal of 350 operating sites for 11/11/11 - an initiative taken in cooperation with 350.ORG.

In support of this initiative for encouraging "grow your own food" I would like to see more DI Yers implementing projects including social enterprise and family farm projects that can renew local, informal and cooperative food supply that directly links grower and consumer. Families can DIY and so can communities. Sharing our experience is the key - so, in addition to the Yahoo Forum we now have SolaRoof YouTube and Facebook. The Wiki is also up for some improvement soon.

DIY Food can lead to DIY Energy and other technology hacks that will build self-reliant, resilient communities that can adapt to change and bring it on in a positive way. We can build a sustainable future by taking charge of our essential needs: food, water, shelter, comfort, energy etc.

Building with Sola Roof solutions, which focus on transparent structures, Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Solar technology, using plants for primary energy conversion (photosynthesis and transpiration), using ecological systems that are integrated with our built environment to build Eco Habitat - these are the tool that we have to grow locally, year around through extreme seasons and secure from impacts of Climate Change.